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Vacuum Sealing
Vacuum Sealing process is a key to high quality and robust X-ray tubes
Vacuum brazing and sealing technology is essential for the production of high quality x-ray tubes.
Vacuum brazing and sealing technology is not only a bonding between dissimilar materials(e.g. metal-ceramic, etc.) or between dissimilar metals, but also a perfect sealing and maintaining the high internal vacuum inside the enclosed device.

Based on years of experience and technological know-how, CAT Beam Tech has the technology to manufacture various X-ray sources and vacuum devices with respect to the characteristics of materials and the driving conditions of devices.
• No flux used/necessary
• Vacuum annealing and Degassing
• Prevention of oxidation and contamination of devices during the brazing process
• By considering thermal expansion of materials, joint deformation is minimized
CAT Beam Tech guarantees the high degree of vacuum inside the X-ray source from 10⁻⁶ to 10⁻⁷ Torr through an optimized process and a custom-designed high-temperature vacuum furnace.
Medium Vacuum Brazing Chamber
High Temperature, High Vacuum Brazing Chamber