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Nano Materials
With excellent mechanical, electrical and thermal properties, Carbon Nanotube is a best material of choice for field electron emission based devices.
At CAT Beam Tech, we have developed an cutting edge technology for Carbon nanotube production.
Carbon nanotube(CNT) is a novel material with excellent physical and electrical properties. Since its discovery in 1991, through cost reduction and yield improvement, applications in high-tech industries such as displays, batteries and sensors are gradually increasing.

CAT Beam Tech manufactures a direct grown carbon nanotube electron emission source with excellent field emission characteristics based on technological know-how and through continuous R&D investment. Using our technology, we can effectively control variables such as the density, length and diameter of carbon nanotubes grown on various substrates.

CAT Beam Tech’s electron emission source is not just limited to be used as X-ray and UV lamp source but can be used for many electronic purposes where field emission source can be applied. Not only this, we can produce the state of art electron emission source on an unprecedented scale at CAT Beam Team’s R&D facility.
Carbon Nanotube Structure
Thermal CVD system
Plasma enhanced CVD system