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CNT Emitter
CNT field emission Emitter
CAT Beam Tech's patented technology, CNT emitter product line with excellent field emission characteristics.
Carbon nanotube emitters Carbon nanotube emitters are synthesized directly on metal or silicon substrates by decomposing mixed gases(C₂H₂, NH₃) with energy such as heat, electric field, and plasma. CAT Beam Tech's directly grown carbon nanotube emitter is not only excellent in field emission characteristics, but also can be manufactured in various forms, making it an optimized product for X-ray sources.
• Direct growth using CVD method
• Customized growth on various substrates
• High reproducibility
• Excellent field emission performance
Field Emission Characteristic of Emitter
Uniform growth of CNT Emitter (SEM image)
Crystallinity of CNT as seen by TEM
Model Dimension
(W×H×T, ㎜)
Substrate Type
Substrate Area
Emission Area
Manufacturing Method CNT Length
Max. Current
8×2×0.1 Ni alloy 0.274 0.1377 TCVD 100~200 10
8×2×0.1 Ni alloy 0.274 0.21 TCVD 100~200 10
Φ5×0.1 Ni alloy 0.28 0.157 TCVD 100~200 6
0.1×8×2 Ni alloy 0.054 <0.01 TCVD 100~200 20