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Digital X-ray
Digital X-ray
A true digital X-ray tube based on CAT Beam Tech’s Carbon Nanotube.
Analog Filament X-ray tube
- High Power consumption
- Slow response time
- Thermal Instability
Digital CNT X-ray tube
- Miniaturizing of the system
- Ultra fast pulsed switching
- Controlled E-beam distribution
CAT Beam Tech has developed a field emission based digital X-ray source that uses carbon nanotubes(CNT) as a cathode material. All X-ray sources work on the principle of generating X-rays from the accelerated electrons produced by a cathode electrode. Thus, the material of choice and shape of the cathode has a great influence on the performance of X-ray sources.

However, the widely available filament based analog X-ray sources generate electrons by heating the filament, which makes it difficult to quickly switch on/off the cathode, reduce the unnecessary radiation, miniaturize the X-ray system and improve the resolution of the X-ray images. These problems are inevitable due to filament’s innate characteristic. Hence, the X-ray industry is in great need of an alternative digital X-ray source based on field emission cathode using nanomaterials.

CAT Beam Tech has developed a true “Digital X-ray source” by digitalizing the cathode using carbon nanotube, which works on the principle of field electron emission process. CAT Beam Tech’s “Digital X-ray source” has features of improving X-ray image resolution, fast on-off switching, low driving temperature and reducing unnecessary radiation exposure. It not only provides superior image quality in various environments, but also contributes to miniaturization of X-ray systems and user’s safety.